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About Us

Success is measured with each small step that we take.  We set out to prevent a contract sellout at the hands of the SSSA leadership and in a large part that was accomplished.  All new SSSA members that have joined our ranks in the last year have been spared the new pay progression scale.  It's a small victory, but considering the odds against us, we feel that at least we were able to prevent the total sellout of the membership. The new contract is flawed, but it was a better deal that one previously negotiated by the SSSA. Most of the elected officers and the membership were kept in the dark during negotiations. Our positions was not popular at times, but we stayed the course.  Now all of  us, as members of the Union must stay vigilant.  We can never let our guard down again, misfits like Bonnano are still lurking in the background.
Good union people like Joe Basso, Lorraine Ball, and Daniel Isaacs sacrificed a lot of their personal time in order to fight a good fight for all of us.  We owe them all a debt of gratitude.  If it wasn't for their tenacity, we would have become indentured servants of the TA. 
Our message was and is clear, The SSSA has failed us miserably and we must make our Union democratic and responsive to it's members. 
Our next step is to get financial accountability from the SSSA.  This 359 Atlantic Avenue Corporation has many hidden secrets. Too many questions on the finances of this company remain.  We will get answers,  they cannot hide the truth forever. 
The fight to make our union more democratic is in it's infancy. Join us in changing the SSSA.
                        No more sellouts!

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