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Supervisors For A Just Contract!

We the members of SFAJC urge you to vote NO! on the proposed Constitutional Changes made by GAMMONE. 

These changes will only  provide Gammone with an Iron Grip on our UNION. 

Nothing good can come from the changes proposed by Gammone.
The Changes will severely restrict our rights, as members.  The SSSA has removed the only clause in our BYLAWS that state that they "must provide us with copies of the books". WHY are they hiding the truth from us?  Last year we had to got to court in order to see some of the books.  What we found was that they have been putting close to a Million Dollars a year into the 359 Atlantic Avenue Corp.   

Where did the money come from?  It came from our dues.  What did they do with our money?  All we know is that they distributed a bunch of money to a few employees, Who they are we do not know, but we know one thing for sure they are hiding something.

Stay Tuned!  At least we tell the truth!

Please read a letter sent to us from a track MS1

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