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Term limits.
          No Officer can hold office for more than two terms.

60% Sick Leave.
The TWU still has this in their contract. With the SSSA it's up to management's discretion, and then only if you have half your sick time, can you receive it.

Retiree's cannot hold office.
The current leadership of the SSSA, Bonanno and Briscoe retired the day after they took office. Collecting two salaries and screwing us in the process.

Seniority/Pick Rights.
A TA supervisor should be able to pick a job and RDO'S according to Seniority, not favoritism!

Night Differential to be Increased. Full Payment while on Vacation, Sick, Jury Duty, and DIF.
No elaboration required.

Improvement in Health Benefits.
Benefits for all dependents up to age 23. College students to age 25. Improvement in medical, dental, and prescription plans for all  members including retirees. A larger selection of Health Plan  providers.

Full Salary While on Compensation.
We should receive our full salary, in a timely fashion while out of work due to injury on the job.

Membership Participation in Negotiations.
The membership should participate in any decisions that affect their  lives. Elected officers will be included in negotiations.

No Sick Control list.
We will never agree to something that will give the TA the right to fire the membership. We will also fight for Total Sick Leave Buyout!

Top Pay After Probation.
Four years to reach top pay is long enough. Why would Bonanno agree to Six years? We will fight to shorten this period to TOP PAY AFTER PROBATION.   

Removal of clause in contract that gives SSSA President the right to make secret agreements with the TA. 
Currently Gammone has a clause built into the contract that bypasses the memberships' right to ratify a contract proposal. He can agree to any changes to our contract without our consent.

Full contract to be given out to the membership before vote to ratify can take place.

The membership deserves to see what will affect them. Sell-outs will no longer be hidden in a contract we never see.

No more Give Backs.
We are entitled to wage increases without paying for them through contract givebacks.

No waiting years for a new contract.
We will include a clause in any new contract that we negotiate with the TA. This clause will pay each member a sum of monies. As a penalty to the TA for not negotiating in good faith. Our version of the TAYLOR LAW.

Increase To 5 days  off for Death in Family. 

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